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When I can't find the language

I see you, as a little ligand in my body, the keys to the locks of my being

You're the hormone that tells my body I am comfortable, I am safe, I am loved, and that everything I can dream is or will be manifested

For hormone processes take more time than that of neural synapses, yet their effects are less transient than thought

Your words mimic the processes of my inner self

With your words I become more and more aware of the things in my life that are true, with your words destiny unfolds and I see into the future of you and me

You're the stimuli that cascades the signals of nature through my body

The signals that excite love and harmony and inhibit lack and doubt

There is nothing artificial about the paradise of us

The interaction of our energy

You act as the light that fires my synapses, the neurohormone that reveals the sources of my sadness to my emotional regulator

You are the stimulus that promotes awareness of my internal nature

For your words make sure there is no bit of confusion left by the time you have nothing left to say

You are a messenger to my body, mind and soul; allowing me to respond to the environments outside of the human vessel with ease and adaptability

You represent every cell, every process in my body

Because what I am you are not and what I am you are not

The lock and key paradigm

The binding to me and the binding to you

Your being is my nature, from the smallest cell in my body to the behavior that manifests

Sometimes I can't find the worlds

Because the nature of us is just too natural to overcomplicate

It just is what it just is

Just know, that you are as natural to me as every cell in my body

With love and simplicity, I express to you that you are the second messenger that allows me to transcribe the DNA of my full potential

With you, there is no sequence left repressed

For you are apart of the process that is my whole self

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