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Failure, a Forever Friend


It comes and it goes.

As salient as it feels,

It is just that, a feeling alone.

As varied as the great ideas from which it may be sourced,

It’s unfinished work.

Disappointment in an outcome yet for sure.

Is it the lack of time? Lack of focus?

Or is it simply the space between idea and maturation.

For the mind resides in a dimension much faster than one of physical manifest.

Forgotten ideas, the ones given to failure,

Move on to the next mind.

A mind that may possess the hands that continually pursue completion.

Failure is hope deceived as unmet goals.

It is a continual knock on the door of your ambition.

It is arranged meticulously in an algorithmic pattern of great labor and great pain.

It feels like weakness.

It feels like shadows.

It feels like loss.

Though a shadow is what it is,

The shadow of completion is the fear of the dissolvement of our greatness.

The shadow of success is the fear that these hands will not continually create over this lifetime.

That you will live in the shadows of your great ideas,

Unable to achieve victory.

Failure is a meticulously arranged algorithmic pattern of great labor and great pain.

It is a sadness that washes over the emptiness of unmet pursuits.

There is no real concern for failure,

It either washes away with the great realization of another pursuit;

Or it dissolves in the completion of its task.

It furthers you to development,

Reminding you of the unmet goals your internal muse wishes to manifest.

Pushing you to completion,

An ode to victory.

For you will remember the pattern of great labor and great pain as the tough love of a forever friend.

I wish you, and me, and the consciousness we live in, success and acceptance over the tiredness that is failure. For tiredness is a simple step to the process that is the continuous cycle of our being. Fatigue is not everlasting sorrow, it is a time of short dullness before the sweep of electricity that lights up the world.

Believe in your ability to innovate.

Believe that you will see failure again and again as a motif to the cycles of creation,

Again and again.

To failure,

A forever friend.

By: Violet Elder

Inspired by: Aleister Crowley’s THOTH tarot deck

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