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Violet Elder

Violet Elder is fiercely devoted to expanding the world's sense of self, spreading awareness, joy and simple contemplation. She hopes to be an example of someone who moves through life's battles with grace and gratitude. Violet Elder is also a student, studying Neuroscience and Anthropology at CU Boulder, a meditator, a spiritual medium, a yogic practitioner, a cat mom, a best friend, a partner and an avid believer in transcendence through self realization.

Violet Elder comes from a colorful background of many hobbies and experiences, to name a few, Violet has been involved in; competitive swimming, agriculture, livestock breeding and showing, Amnesty International, founder of a mindfulness club called Mind Body Spirit Wellness CU, a Muay Thai practitioner and a specialist in transcendental meditation. She enjoys exploring the duality of life and human experience and looking at the world as though we as conscious beings are always expanding and evolving through loving awareness. To keep Violet grounded in her spiritual growth mindset she values creative nonfiction writing, journaling, explorative conversations with her friends and partner, meditation, the art of Tarot and immersing herself with the beautiful scenery and lifestyle that Colorado has to offer.

Violet is nervously thrilled to be a part of voices, speaking her truth and diving into the public sphere of creative writing. Expressing her truth has been something that she has had blockages with before and she hopes by opening herself up to the vulnerability of published writing she can inspire others to be open and transparent about the lessons life is offering them. She believes that living on this planet at this time in space is an expression of life, color, opportunity and expansion, and why not be open to every pole of this experience, in suffering and exuberance.

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