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Sami Elizondo

Hi! I am Sami, the founder of Voices. I love writing, reading, travel, art, practicing wellness, pondering philosophy, and everything involving self-expression.

You may be wondering why I decided to create a blog, soon to be international publication. Here's some context for you. Ever since joining my college newspaper in 2020, I found the editing process overly intrusive. For me, writing has always been one of my favorite forms of self expression. This is why, when I would read the published version of my articles, I was horrified. My voice was stripped from the writing completely, and worst of all, my name was attached to something that was not representative of me. After a meeting with my section editor and editor-in-chief, who were not quite fond of my push back, I knew I had to leave the paper. I also knew I wanted to continue being a published writer.

Then I had an idea. A precious particle, a genesis if you will. I needed to make my own platform. An independent publication where my voice was celebrated instead of muted. I am lucky to know a handful of passionate young writers with inspiring and refreshing perspectives who just so happen to be good friends. I pitched the idea to them and not only did they like it, they wanted in.

Join me and my team of writers as we share little pieces of ourselves with the internet.

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