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Kae Chi

Kae Chi is a freshman at Boston University majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy.

In her free time, she can be found scrolling GitHub for project inspiration, rock climbing, throwing pottery, amidst a crowd of festival-goers, or exploring the Utah backcountry with her trusty pair of skis.

She served as a member of the executive board for the Lit &... conference, an annual event for high school students of the greater Los Angeles area to share their literary findings through a series of panels. Additionally, some of her works have been published in her high school’s literary magazine, Pillars of Salt. Despite coming from a rich background in academic writing, Kae found her true passion through poetry.

By joining Voices, she brings a new approach to personal writing through poetry. One of the primary goals of her column, Stringing Words, is to promote a sense of intentionality with words. Voices serves as the perfect platform to not only showcase her work, but empower readers through overlap in experience and emotions.

Kae is extremely excited to work and grow alongside the writers of Voices.

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