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Jamie Blough

Jamie Blough is a junior at University of Colorado, Boulder majoring in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy working towards an undergraduate certificate in Critical Theory. At CU Boulder, Jamie is co-founder of Mind, Body, Spirit CU, a club that uses a combination of anthropology, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, and religion to help students understand and reconnect with their own human experience. She is also a writer and editor of The CU Independent, CU Boulder’s student-run online publication.

At pretty much any given hour you can find Jamie tirelessly making and remaking the same iced oat milk vanilla latte over and over again behind the bar at Woodgrain Bagels. If you catch her on a few-and-far-between off-day, it’s most likely because she’s either taking her idiotic yet beloved cat Bugs to the vet, she ran out of Trader Joe’s almond butter cups, or she’s in the mood for some thrift haul-induced instant gratification.

With Voices, Jamie is eager to find an outlet where she has the freedom to create her own narrative and encourage others to create theirs. With such a personalized platform, writers and editors are given the opportunity to uplift the voices that matter, and Jamie hopes to do so by helping readers quiet the negative inner voices that don’t. After spending her last three years familiarizing herself with what it means to actively choose your own life, she looks forward to having a public forum to share what she has learned.

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